Our current long-term projects:

1. Transnational Repression (TNR) in France and beyond Network

This project is about creating a support network of journalists, activists, academics etc from Russia, China, Hong Kong, East Turkestan, Tibet, Taiwan, Myanmar, Iran, Afghanistan, Kurdistan, Turkey, Egypt, Sudan, Pakistan, etc.

Many of these people who are in exile cannot return home, but even in the West, where they are taking refuge, there has been an increase in the number of cases of TNR. We discuss how to counter these threats, and a Call for Action to fight back oppressive regimes’ footprints in France and beyond.

2. Monthly conference on mental health of people in exile

Every month we invite people in exile, practitioners, associations, etc. to address together the various issues concerning exile, its psychological impact and how we can heal together.

3. Exhibiting political artists

We are providing the walls of the DISSIDENT club to artists who focus on political and social issues through their art. The exhibitions are free to visit and change every few weeks with new art works.

4. Promoting emerging DJs : women/minorities/migrants

For this project we regularly invite emerging DJs who are women/minorities/migrants to come and play at the bar.

The goal is to give more visibility to these emerging artists and create an opportunity to talk about their experiences in the world of electronic music.

5. Afterwork & networking for associations

More info coming soon!