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Join us at the DISSIDENT club on 24th September 2020, starting 19h00, for a documentary screening and talk focusing on the issue of Tibet.
The film called “Bringing Tibet Home” is produced by Tenzin Tsetan Choklay which follows the journey of a New York-based Tibetan artist and activist Tenzing Rigdol to smuggle 20,000 kg of Tibetan soil from Tibet through the Himalayas to Dharamshala, in India to create an unprecedented interactive installation, Our Land, Our People, to literally bring Tibet closer to its people. He was inspired by his inability to fulfill his dying father’s final wish to once again visit his homeland, and risked incarceration to undertake this journey.
Filmmaker Tenzin Tsetan Choklay will be joining us via video chat for a Q and A who documented the entirety of Rigdol’s ambitious project, creating an extraordinary documentary – one that is both a moving portrait of a dispossessed people and an inspiring tribute to the transformative power of art.
After the documentary, we will hold a talk with Tibetan activists, including the President of the Tibetan Students Association in France.