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This 21st October, join us for our “Call of Action” day.
🔴 We are going to begin with a roundtable conference (closed door/invite only) on the issue of #TransnationalRepression (TNR) with testimonies from journalists and activists from Russia, China, Hong Kong, East Turkestan, Tibet, Taiwan, Myanmar, Iran, Afghanistan, Kurdistan, Turkey, Egypt, Sudan and Pakistan. Many of these people are in exile, and cannot return home but even in the West where they are taking refuge, there has been an increase in the number of cases of TNR. We discuss how to counter these threats, and a Call for Action to fight back oppressive regimes’ footprints in France and beyond. We will also release a declaration in consultation with all the participants.
➡️ Following the roundtable, we will be introducing the not-for-profit of the DISSIDENT club called “Le club des dissidents en exil” for which we have a few special guests: Alberic de Gouville (President : Maison des Journalistes – MDJ), Stephanie Lebrun (Director, CFJ and Founder: Babel Press) and a representative from RSF (to be confirmed).
‼️ The not-for-profit’s first project is a global “Transnational Repression Monitor” which will be launched on the same day, along with a suggested list of Board of Advisors for the TNR Monitor.
📧 Please let us know if you will like to participate in the conference by email at least by 16th October 2022: thedissidentclub@gmail.com.