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On Monday 11th October at 19h30, join us at the DISSIDENT club as we show an avant première for a documentary called “Libya: No escape from hell” by Sara Creta, an Italian journalist and documentary maker. (The film produced by Magneto productions will be broadcasted on Arte later in October). Following the screening at the DISSIDENT club, we will have a casual chat and Q & A with the film-maker and the production team, who will be present at the bar.
ABOUT THE FILM: For the last decade, Libya has been the epicenter of refugees arriving from all over Africa, in hopes of crossing the Mediterranean and reaching the shores of Europe. Sara Creta investigates the issue of migration from Libya especially how vulnerable migrants have to face a system of abuse perpetrated by the Libyan government in connivance with the local military and militias. In this powerful documentary, Sara uncovers how many migrants often end up in detention centers, where they work as forced labor, and sometimes used as human shields at military facilities to avoid attacks by enemies. But what is more appalling is the complicity of European Union which is giving Libyan authorities money to stop migration to Europe and thus complicit in this abuse. “They are providing assistance to the Libyan coast guard, to Libyan authorities, to intercept people in international water and bring them back to Libya, when it’s known that they will be returned back to this inhumane and degrading treatment in the detention centers,” Sara explains.
Food and drinks will be available on order at the bar