the DISSIDENT club is an intellectual cafe & bar in Paris where dissidents of the world meet. We organize intellectual events: talks, exhibitions & screenings. Launched in Feb 2020, its run by two Pakistani journalists-in-exile: Sara Farid & Taha Siddiqui

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25th September 2021, @20H00

“Poetry is a political act, because it involves telling the truth”
– June Jordan (Late Amrican Poet)

Poetry is more than just words thrown onto a paper. Poetry tells the stories of hardships, joy, sorrow and everything alike.
Do you enjoy poetry? Do you support the exiled community in Paris?
If yes, come join us at the DISSIDENT club as we host Mr. Leo Zelada, a poet in exile from Peru.

Make sure to be there for a night of reading poetry among other patrons of the art. Bear witness to a number of other poets as they share their stories. Come one, come all and enjoy the evening for a great cause.

Where: the DISSIDENT club
When: 25th September, 2021
Time: 20H00

15th September 2021, @10pm

A Night with Cryptocurrency

Come join us for a night of drinks among Blockchain,
P2P technology and cryptocurrency enthusiasts…
the DISSIDENT club will be hosting Glenn Rolland, Hayat Outahar – a team from CryptoChemists, an organization working towards the popularization of ‘blockchain technology’.
Be sure to be there as we explore the world of cryptocurrency and understand how it will change the future.

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